1. There are no shortcuts to songwriting! You just have to do it! The more you do it, especially consistently, the better you will get at it! 

2. You MUST BELIEVE you CAN write a song! 

3. Try starting with a song title--there are many ways to write a song and you have to find the right fit for you, but starting with a song title (or even a TENTATIVE title so you have an idea of what you are writing about) is a great place to start. 

4. Be able to describe what the intended message of the song is about in 1 sentence. 

5. Have something to say, BELIEVE you can find the words, and put your emotions and personal experiences into the song. Chances are that if you are experiencing something than many other people are probably experiencing the same thing or something similar. 

6. Ask yourself better questions, empowering questions. If you ask yourself questions like, "What CAN I write about?" or "How CAN I say what I'm trying to say?" your brain will come up with answers to those types of questions and it will benefit you in making progress in writing whatever song you are working on. 

7. Realize out of every 10 song ideas you have that you might like 2-3 song ideas you come up with. Take those ideas you actually like and start working on them. Discard the rest and also realize for every idea you may not like it's bringing you one step closer to coming up with an idea you DO actually like. 

8. It's like being a Major League baseball player. Did you know that a MLB player who averages .300 is considered an EXCELLENT hitter and is most likely considered for the Hall of Fame? Did you know that in order to average .300 that means they are failing 70% of the time??? Failure is a part of learning and is the gateway to SUCCESS! Something to think about... 

9. Realize that when you are learning something new it takes time to find your way of doing it. You will NOT use 100% of everything you read, rather you will take what YOU consider useful for YOURSELF and discard the rest. (It's the BRUCE LEE philosophy--take what you think you can use in your present situation and discard all the useless info). 

10. Every one of us learns things in our own way. You have to learn how YOU learn things in your own way!