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Welcome to my new music website as I'm really excited to embark on creating a new type of interactive experience with my fans and I look forward to recording my next album entitled, "Frame of Mind." To receive a FREE mp3 of my newest song, "Frame of Mind" just sign up for my mailing list. Thanks so much for the support and it's going to be a busy next year so stay tuned for what is next!



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Music & Photography 

So all of you know that MUSIC is my MAIN passion in my life, but as an artist I also branch out into videography and photography as well. I just recently delved into photography since my girlfriend Laura bought me the CANON EOS 70D for Christmas. Since I got the camera til about May I literally researched photography EVERY DAY for hours and now I understand how the settings of the camera work and how to manipulate the settings to get the desired results in manual mode. I've always liked taking pics, but ifRead more

Performing at the Vineyards & SMP (July 2015) 

So back in Feb. (2015) I decided it was finally time to hit up the Vineyards to see if I could get some gigs as I was thinking I would be a PERFECT fit for playing live music at the Vineyards. It turns out I was right! Since May, I've already played at PALMER VINEYARD 7 times, as well as JAMESPORT VINEYARD & JASON'S VINEYARD one time each. I've gotten such a positive response from every Vineyard I've played at and the crowds have been so appreciative and attentive it amazes me every time! A couple weeks ago… Read more

Tony Robbins Seminar in NJ Mar. 5-8, 2015! 

So last month I attended the Tony Robbins seminar w/ my gf Laura (who is an AMAZING girl and one of my BIGGEST supporters w/ my music) as I've been wanting to attend one of his seminars for about 17 years since I bought his CD program "Personal Power II: The Driving Force" back when I was in college in 1998. The 1st night we walked across burning coals barefoot and it was AWESOME! Shout out to the UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN FB GROUP TOO...YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Here's a pic of the fire walk I took:
Honestly, getting… Read more

Certificate for Jazz Improv. course from Berklee College of Music from Coursera! 

I just finished up a 5 week jazz improvisation course from Berklee College of Music offered by Coursera and man was it challenging, but I completed the course and learned a lot in the process! I really had to use everything I've learned from playing the guitar over 24 years and especially all the music theory I've learned over the years in order to understand what was being taught. Here is the certificate:


Congratulations to one of my students, Ashley, at MUSICOLOY Music School for being the 1st person to buy the NEW "Limited Edition" ARCHDEACON t-shirt! Here's the pic:
To buy your own "Limited Edition" ARCHDEACON t-shirt click here!

ARCHDEACON T-shirts for "FRAME OF MIND" Album available! 

So I ordered t-shirts for my music for the very 1st time with the "Archdeacon" logo and website link on the front and New album "Frame of Mind" + Proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project (Always support our soldiers). Here are a couple of pics of the front and back of the t-shirt.
The shirts are available in the store for sale for $20 + shipping ($3) or at live shows. Get yours today and support live music and the arts! Thanks so much for your support!


So this past week we finished up an interview by Joshua A. Lissauer Coaching, LLC as I know him from college from Plattsburgh University. We talked about what drives me and motivates me as a musician, what are my upcoming plans for the new year, we included my newest song "Frame of Mind," videos, pics, and a lot more. Here is the link to view the interview:


Leave some comments on your thoughts from the interview........thanks!



So I just watched the movie on James Brown's life yesterday called "Get on up" and it was pretty good. So I figured I'd share my story about the only time I saw James Brown perform live. So back around 2004 and friend and I went to Brookhaven Amphitheatre (now renamed Pennysaver Amphitheatre) to see James Brown perform as I'd never seen him perform live before. I mean how could you pass up seeing the "Godfather of Soul" in person? Let me just say the man was 72 years old and he was dancing and singing on… Read more


For anyone that knows me or follows my music career you know I'm all about thinking positive, having fun, and living your dreams! This past Christmas I received a really cool Christmas card from my amazing sister Carrie (who I used to call "lovie") and here's what it said:
I think this is a really cool card to receive from anyone and it inspires me to keep pushing forward and to keep living my dreams. This past November I was in LA at the TAXI Music Conference at a thing called a "Mentor lunch" where you sit… Read more


I just read a really great article on Robin Williams as he was one of my FAVORITE actors, if not my FAVORITE actor of all time. I REALLY loved the movie "Dead Poets Society" as it helped to shape my mind and how I think about life. It encouraged me to "chase my dreams" during a time when I was unsure about myself and unsure if I was capable of doing what I wanted to do in my life. I've always said it was one of my favorite movies ever and to be honest it STILL is! When I heard he had passed away and that he… Read more


I just finished up editing a 5 camera HD solo acoustic video shoot of my cover of "Belief" by John Mayer using the BOSS RC-300 looping station. EVERYTHING is recorded LIVE and NOTHING is pre-recorded. Check the video out below and leave some comments. Thanks so much for visiting my website and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

"Belief" by John Mayer:


So I've been playing guitar since I was 13 years old (so 24 years now) and the BEST advice I can give to anyone learning guitar for the first time or even an intermediate player is:

1. Find a good teacher! -- Make sure the teacher is PASSIONATE about music and playing guitar! Are they a performing musician? If so I'd suggest go see them perform live so you get an idea of what they sound like and what they can actually do in a live performance.

2. When you are first learning something, SLOW IT DOWN! -- So many… Read more


Thought I'd share with you a couple of books I'm currently reading, which are BOTH awesome books! I've always said that opening a book is opening your mind and in order to keep progressing in life we need to keep feeding our minds. So, here are the 2 books I'm currently reading:

1. Music Marketing for the DIY Musician by Bobby Borg

Bobby Borg is a Berklee Music graduate with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. I met Bobby almost 10 years ago at the TAXI Music Conference in LA and I bought his… Read more

TAXI Music Conference in LA Nov. 6-9, 2014 

The TAXI Music Conference this year was AMAZING once again! I got such a great response from my new song, "Frame of Mind," that I recorded just before I left for LA and I had so much fun hanging out with my good friends, Thorn (from Canada) and Keefer (from England)!

Check out one of my performances at the Music Conference below:

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it in yourself."
--Edmond Lee

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