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Welcome to my new music website as I'm really excited to embark on creating a new type of interactive experience with my fans and I look forward to recording my next album entitled, "Frame of Mind." To receive a FREE mp3 of my newest song, "Frame of Mind" just sign up for my mailing list. Thanks so much for the support and it's going to be a busy next year so stay tuned for what is next!



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Tony Robbins Seminar in NJ Mar. 5-8, 2015! 

So last month I attended the Tony Robbins seminar w/ my gf Laura (who is an AMAZING girl and one of my BIGGEST supporters w/ my music) as I've been wanting to attend one of his seminars for about 17 years since I bought his CD program "Personal Power II: The Driving Force" back when I was in college in 1998. The 1st night we walked across burning coals barefoot and it was AWESOME! Shout out to the UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN FB GROUP TOO...YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Here's a pic of the fire walk I took:
Honestly, getting that program years ago totally changed my life and I use so many of the things I learned from that program in my every day life and it helped me over the years in so many aspects of my life too! From chasing and ultimately LIVING my dreams of playing music for a living to dealing with the passing of my father. I don't know how I would have dealt with my father's passing if I hadn't bought that program and listened to it with an OPEN MIND as it really taught me how to train my brain in the most effective way to get the results I wanted out of life. I mean isn't that what we all want out of life? I mean I'm not saying my life is perfect by any means, but I can say I am happy with the path I have chosen and I love what I do. Anyway, the seminar was AWESOME! There was so much positive energy in that room like I've never seen before in my life and it really got me even more fired up to keep pushing forward with my music and just creating what I desire out of life! I believe that everything derives from the "Law of Attraction" as whatever we think about on a daily basis is what we are ultimately going to attract in our lives! We must believe in ourselves and love ourselves first and foremost and Tony Robbins is a great example of what the human mind is capable of. Tony is the world's #1 personal coaching rock star and has worked with such people as Bill Clinton, The Dali Lama,Oprah, Pat Riley, among many others. I would HIGHLY recommend checking him out because he honestly changed my life for the better! I met so many GREAT people from the seminar, the energy was off the hook, and I look forward to what the future will bring! Have an AMAZING & OUTSTANDING day! CARPE DIEM!


P.S.-- Here are some of the best pics I got from the seminar!
If you wanna check out Tony Robbins here is his website: www.TonyRobbins.com


Certificate for Jazz Improv. course from Berklee College of Music from Coursera! 

I just finished up a 5 week jazz improvisation course from Berklee College of Music offered by Coursera and man was it challenging, but I completed the course and learned a lot in the process! I really had to use everything I've learned from playing the guitar over 24 years and especially all the music theory I've learned over the years in order to understand what was being taught. Here is the certificate:

ARCHDEACON T-shirts for "FRAME OF MIND" Album available! 

So I ordered t-shirts for my music for the very 1st time with the "Archdeacon" logo and website link on the front and New album "Frame of Mind" + Proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project (Always support our soldiers). Here are a couple of pics of the front and back of the t-shirt.
The shirts are available in the store for sale for $20 + shipping ($3) or at live shows. Get yours today and support live music and the arts! Thanks so much for your support!


So this past week we finished up an interview by Joshua A. Lissauer Coaching, LLC as I know him from college from Plattsburgh University. We talked about what drives me and motivates me as a musician, what are my upcoming plans for the new year, we included my newest song "Frame of Mind," videos, pics, and a lot more. Here is the link to view the interview:


Leave some comments on your thoughts from the interview........thanks!



So I just watched the movie on James Brown's life yesterday called "Get on up" and it was pretty good. So I figured I'd share my story about the only time I saw James Brown perform live. So back around 2004 and friend and I went to Brookhaven Amphitheatre (now renamed Pennysaver Amphitheatre) to see James Brown perform as I'd never seen him perform live before. I mean how could you pass up seeing the "Godfather of Soul" in person? Let me just say the man was 72 years old and he was dancing and singing on stage like he was 27! He was truly AMAZING! I mean I would have been winded if I was dancing like he was and the man was 72 years old when I saw him! It really was an amazing concert as his music just made you want to dance even though I think I only really recognized about 3 songs all evening. So if that wasn't cool enough we were right in front of the stage about 5-10 feet away from James Brown as he was performing!

But here's what REALLY made the night special as I found out FIRST HAND why they called him the "Godfather of Soul!" So he says to the crowd in his typical James Brown voice, "I'm gonna bring out a fine young lady who sings a lot like Janice Joplin. You guys like Janice Joplin?" So everyone cheered and he says again, "No, you guys like JANICE JOPLIN!!?" And everyone cheered even louder! So she came out and sang an entire song by herself and she really had an AMAZING voice! So the next song she did a little improvisation and handed the wireless mic to James and he did a little improvisation. I remember saying to myself, "Ok that was pretty cool...I'm feelin' that." So he handed the mic back to her and she did another improvisation and then as she was handing the mic back to James I was thinking, "I wanna see why they call him the "Godfather of Soul" so being literally at the front of the stage only 5-10 feet away from him and knowing I can project my voice really loud I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Show 'em what ya got Jamesey!" Well, he got on that mic and they say the best things in life are undescribable because I can't describe what made it great! About 4 or 5 notes into his improv he hit this one note and everyone in the audience went nuts at the same time! And it wasn't like some people cheered and then more people started cheering, it was like EVERYONE cheered on the same note at exactly the same time! Like I said I can't tell you what made it great, but it just was and you just knew it was something special! It truly was one of the best performances I've ever seen in my life and now I know first-hand why they called him the "Godfather of SOUL!"

Here is a pic from that night at the Brookhaven Amphitheatre as I had this lady I didn't even know take a few pics for me and she actually sent them to me too!:


For anyone that knows me or follows my music career you know I'm all about thinking positive, having fun, and living your dreams! This past Christmas I received a really cool Christmas card from my amazing sister Carrie (who I used to call "lovie") and here's what it said:

I think this is a really cool card to receive from anyone and it inspires me to keep pushing forward and to keep living my dreams. This past November I was in LA at the TAXI Music Conference at a thing called a "Mentor lunch" where you sit down and eat lunch and industry people come around to your table and share advice with you. Well, someone said to me and my friend Thorn, yeah "chasing your dream" huh? We immediately stopped and looked at each other and at the same time said, "No, we're LIVING our dream." I always encourage people to do whatever makes you happy in life. I mean we only have one life and we might as well enjoy it.

I think too many people are too caught up in "paying their bills" instead of creating the life they want to live. If all we do in life is work a job that we really don't like and we do that for 40+ years and are miserable with our lives.....that's NOT living to me! If you're reading this and you're one of those people then I encourage you to start making small changes in your life. Start to create the life you imagine because until then you'll be dreaming of the life you want instead of living it! Here's a cool quote I read that I really like and is relevant to what I'm talking about:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  -Lao-Tzu

Anyway, I thought I'd share this as I really appreciated this letter very much! It's nice to know that by following my heart and living my dreams I can inspire someone else to live theirs!


I just read a really great article on Robin Williams as he was one of my FAVORITE actors, if not my FAVORITE actor of all time. I REALLY loved the movie "Dead Poets Society" as it helped to shape my mind and how I think about life. It encouraged me to "chase my dreams" during a time when I was unsure about myself and unsure if I was capable of doing what I wanted to do in my life. I've always said it was one of my favorite movies ever and to be honest it STILL is! When I heard he had passed away and that he took his life I was in total shock as he was the last person I thought would do such a thing (and I've even cried more than once too), but like someone said, "Depression doesn't discriminate." Hearing all the stories of how giving and loving he was is truly awesome and it makes me want to help others more and be a better person all around! He was involved in a lot of charity work and his 3 biggest charities he worked with were:

1. St. Jude Children's Hospital
2. The Make a Wish Foundation
3. USO

He was such a genuinely loving person who loved to make people laugh and he gave of himself in hopes to make someone else's life better and to me that's one of the best gifts you can give this world. During a time where there is utter chaos with everything that is happening with cops being shot in cold blood over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and people really just losing their minds, let's remember Robin Williams' legacy! It was a LEGACY OF LOVE! What matters most is we lend a hand to our fellow man! So let's spread KINDNESS, spread JOY, spread LAUGHTER, and most of all spread LOVE to one another!!!

Here is my little tribute to Robin Williams and a canvas that I found that says it all, especially the last 2 words: CARPE DIEM!
(from Dead Poets Society)

...and finally the pic montage I put together in dedication to Robin Williams! May his soul R.I.P. You will be forever missed, but you are also forever LOVED!

...and finally a 1 min video tribute to Robin Williams!:



I just finished up editing a 5 camera HD solo acoustic video shoot of my cover of "Belief" by John Mayer using the BOSS RC-300 looping station. EVERYTHING is recorded LIVE and NOTHING is pre-recorded. Check the video out below and leave some comments. Thanks so much for visiting my website and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

"Belief" by John Mayer:


So I've been playing guitar since I was 13 years old (so 24 years now) and the BEST advice I can give to anyone learning guitar for the first time or even an intermediate player is:

1. Find a good teacher! -- Make sure the teacher is PASSIONATE about music and playing guitar!
Are they a performing musician? If so I'd suggest go see them perform live so you get an idea of what they sound like and what they can actually do in a live performance.

2. When you are first learning something, SLOW IT DOWN!
-- So many players try to learn something new and try to play it as fast as possible and play it sloppy as hell. I GUARANTEE you that if you slow it down you will actually pick it up 10x quicker because you are teaching your brain and fingers to do it right the right way over and over instead of messing it up over and over.

3. Learn to strum FIRST! (Beginners)
-- I've noticed over the years that most teachers show how to fret chords first and when they try to learn a song, they have NO RHYTHM at all. If you learn how to strum with your right hand FIRST and just mute the strings with your left hand you can do. It's very difficult to explain this without showing someone in person, but I'm going to give it a shot!

**(In order to find the quarter note in the song just listen to the drums as the snare drum (in 4/4) is always on beats 2 &4!)**

1. Quarter note rhythm: Count "1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &" for this rhythm. Do a down stroke (1) and on the second down stroke, which is the &, do NOT hit the strings, but still count the &. So it's basically 2 down strokes and you count "1 &" and you only hit the first down stroke.

2. Eighth note rhythm: Also Count "1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &" for this rhythm
. Do a down stroke (1) and on the second down stroke, which is the &, you HIT the strings this time. So it's basically 2 down strokes and you count "1 &" and you hit the strings on both down strokes.

3. Sixteenth note rhythm: Count this "1e&a, 2e&a, 3e&a, 4e&a" for this rhythm. The ONLY difference between this rhythm and eighth note is that you will be hitting the UP STROKES too! If you notice you're still counting the "1 &", but now after the 1 you have to come back up right? Well, that's the "e". So here it is broken down:


Make sure you keep your RIGHT hand moving the entire time when strumming!

Once you get those rhythms down and pretty comfortable learn a few chord shapes (Em, D, C are the easiest)
and try to do 4 beats for each chord with each rhythm separately. The KEY to strumming is keeping your RIGHT HAND moving at ALL times, even if you totally screw up the chord! Your left hand will eventually follow your right hand, but most importantly you will have a much better sense and feel for the rhythm!

*TRY THIS:  Put the song "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" on and mute the strings and try to play along with the song using all 3 rhythms. It's a slower song so it's a good one to start out with.

Good luck and if you have any questions at all feel free to e-mail me at Archs21@aol.com
(Interested in taking private lessons with me just click here!)

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it in yourself."
--Edmond Lee

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